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The backbone to your game development journey.

We help you level up your game.

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Developing Games? Think of us. 

Backrock Studios helps you develop smooth games, for the best player experience, assisting you in every step of the way. Development, Gamification, VR, AR, Metaverse experiences, Play-to-earn games, QA Testing, Localization, Player Support, Art and Design, and Marketing.


What We Offer

The only place to get all your game development needs covered end-to-end. We do the heavy lifting from concept to creation. Whether you need tech or creative services, we've got you covered. Game Development services and beyond.

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Game Design and Development

From game design to development. Custom develop entire games. Develop snippets of code, redevelop games, add levels. Develop gamification modules. Expand your content. Add new mechanics. Just about anything you can think of. 

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QA Testing

Quality assurance testing for games, code, and apps, to ensure a smooth and bug free performance. Get it right before you go to market. 

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Art & Design

2D, 3D creatives, art, and visuals for your games, AR, VR, etc. We help ideate, create and assist in the way you require. We lift your game blocks. 

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Post Release Support

Post release support and maintenance. Monitoring, fixing bugs, and updates. After sales and player support to ensure the best experience for each gamer. Customized help based on your requirements. 

Taking games places. Play everyday.

We understand your needs as game developers. We help you go to market faster, while being more robust and expending low resources. Gaming for everyone. Bring ways to entertain to every field and location. Engaging, clean, robust, and apt for your requirements. 

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We are a functional & high quality studio in the market. Quotes are based on scale and needs. Email us with your requirements for a detailed quote.

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