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this is us.



We began with our mission to bring greater joy to life through better experiences. 


This mission can only be fulfilled by our vision to create the world’s best technical and creative services studio, developing products that entertain, engage and delight people everywhere.

Backrock Studios was formed as a cutting-edge game development and services studio at the forefront of innovation. We offer complete technical and creative services for games, from Android, iOS, PC and console games. We provide ideation, consulting, gamification, interactive apps and games, VR, AR, multiverse gaming and experiences, play-to-earn games, QA and testing, maintenance, live operations, localization and many other services to leading game companies like yours.

Our services cover the entire video game life-cycle, from the concept to the design, coding, and testing stages, and post-launch support and maintenance. With the latest technology, we make game development easier and provide you with a high-quality end product.

The backbone to your entire game development journey.

⚖️ Values

Play Everyday

We want people everywhere to take life in a positive stride, and develop products that help in assisting that.

Robust and Relevant

We deliver products that fit the requirements, run smoothly, utilize the least effort to execute, and minimal system resources on the platform it works on.

Built for the world

We build for local, and for the world. Our products should reach every corner of the globe.

Quality Guarantee

Our clients entrust their money, their idea, to us for a successful delivery. We take this responsibility seriously and deliver a top-quality product that fits the purpose.

Backrock Service

Our clients rely and trust us completely. They attain total peace of mind on assigning their projects to us.

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