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Co-Develop Games

Contract Backrock Studios to co-develop your game. We understand that every game is unique and requires its own approach. That’s why we offer a range of services and solutions to meet the specific needs of each project. We offer basic in-level support, full game design, and specific system design tasks. Our team is capable of scaling up to your needs, no matter how big or small. Get developers assigned on a rolling basis, or on a project basis.

We offer Game Development as a Service - GDAS. Leading developers work with this option to reduce their development times and enhance specific services.

Co-development enables studios to develop games faster, lower risk and cost.

You can hire developers, game designers, artists and many more for specific jobs, on project or for long term basis at flexible rates. Our project managers will ensure that the work is handled timely and executed flawlessly.

Save 40% or higher by opting to work with us, instead of in-house development. You can reduce overhead costs significantly. You end up paying for the exact amount of work required, in terms of hours, or project.


  • Game Design

  • Level & Systems Design

  • Game Mechanics

  • Game Engine Development

  • Integrated Pipelines

  • Tools Development

Key Benefits:

  • Faster delivery

  • Significantly lower costs

  • Organized development using SCRUM and Agile processes

  • Get reliable results with QA tested end products

  • Fluid communication and project updates

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